スケルトン 天井 has been providing gamblers with safe, reliable and in-depth casino reviews since 2011. Starting out as a small team, we have stuck together over the years and shared our wisdom and skills with each other in order to grow スケルトン 天井 into the respected brand that it is today. The スケルトン 天井 tagline, 犬夜叉 スロット 曲 is a reflection of our mission - to help you choose an online gambling site that works for you! From the very beginning, we have made sure to remain loyal to our core values:

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Links on スケルトン 天井 are affiliate links, meaning if you click on the toplists or the visit button to go to a casino and make a deposit, we receive a commission without additional cost to you. This does not affect the quality and accuracy of the information we provide on our site. We take pride in making sure we write unbiased reviews and provide you with accurate information about gambling online.

What We Do

At スケルトン 天井, we are not just about toplists and casino reviews, we create guides on different gambling aspects, game strategies and more. You will also find dedicated country pages with information relevant to your location. Check out some of the activities our team is involved in:

Our Journey So Far

Launched in 2011, スケルトン 天井 was bought by Gaming Innovation Group (GiG.com) back in 2017. Since then, we have grown from one site available only in English to now catering to 21 different languages. On each version of the website, you will find casinos that accept players from your country/location. Our native site managers are constantly checking for new trends, legislation updates and changes in casino offerings and games so you can be sure to receive the latest intel as soon as it’s available.

Take a look at our milestones:

GiG logo 2017 GiG acquires スケルトン 天井

Available only in English.

Flag of Germany 2017 Hallo Deutschland!

スケルトン 天井's German version is the first step to becoming a multilingual site.

Flag of Spain 2018 ¡Hola, España!

The Spanish version was launched catering to players in Spain and Latin America.

Flag of Finland 2018 Haloo? Kuuleeko Suomi?

スケルトン 天井 goes live in Finland.

Flag of Sweden 2018 Hejsan, Sverige!

スケルトン 天井 enters the Swedish market.

Flag of Brazil 2018 Oi, Brasil!

スケルトン 天井 launches the Brazilian version.

Flag of Japan 2018 こんにちは!

スケルトン 天井 available for Japanese players.

Flag of Italy 2018 Ciao, Italia!

スケルトン 天井 goes live in Italy.

simplified chinese flag 2018 热情的新規カジノ 入金不要ボーナス您好!

スケルトン 天井 caters to Chinese-speaking players.

Flag of Russian Federation 2019 Привет, Россия!

スケルトン 天井 launches its Russian version.

Flag of United States 2019 Hello, United States!

スケルトン 天井 goes trans-Atlantic entering the New Jersey market.

Flag of Romania 2021 Buna Romania!

スケルトン 天井 enters the Romanian market.

Flag of Austria 2021 Hallo Österreich!

スケルトン 天井 is available to Austrian players.

Flag of The Netherlands 2021 Hallo Nederland!

スケルトン 天井 enters the Dutch market.

french canada flag 2022 Bonjour Canada!

スケルトン 天井 launches its French-Canadian site.

Flag of Indonesia 2022 Halo Indonesia!

スケルトン 天井 goes live in Indonesia.

Flag of Thailand 2022 สวัสดีประเทศไทย!

スケルトン 天井 is available to Thai players.

swiss german flag 2022 Grüezi Schweiz!

スケルトン 天井 launches its Swiss German site.

Flag of Greece 2022 Γεια σου, Ελλάδα!

スケルトン 天井 enters the Greek market.

swiss french flag 2022 Bonjour La Suisse!

スケルトン 天井 launches its French-Swiss site.

Flag of Malaysia 2023 Hai Malaysia!

スケルトン 天井 goes live in Malaysia.

traditional chinese flag 2023 熱情的新規カジノ 入金不要ボーナス您好!

スケルトン 天井 is available in Traditional Chinese.

Canadian english flag 2023 Hello Canada!

スケルトン 天井 is available to Canadian players.

Flag of Norway 2023 Hei Norge!

スケルトン 天井 enters the Norwegian market.

松戸 アリーナ データ

Our team members can be found either at one of the 3 office locations listed below or working remotely in many countries worldwide.

ば くさい 京都 パチンコ

Thanks to our culturally diverse team, we currently operate in over 15 different languages. The team is made up of people from all sorts of backgrounds and work experiences, each and every member brings their own skills and assets to the table, leading to the success of スケルトン 天井.

Robin Storm


Always a fan of table games and the casino world, Robin thought writing about it would be the next logical step in his journey!

789 Articles
Mike Lorente


Mike has been playing casino games for years, delving into the world of casino and online gambling to better learn about what there is on offer for players.

737 Articles
Giuseppe Faraone


Giuseppe gave up Milan for sunny shores. New licenses, new casinos, new bonuses, new games - there's always something to write about. He has +9 years of experience in iGaming.

987 Articles
Loren Oller


Loren considers himself to be an avid guitar player, sports enthusiast, and a big fan of blackjack and social casinos. His tasks are pretty easy to resume.. make sure you are well informed on all US casinos.

Why Trust Us

We are invested in providing high-quality and reliable information to our readers. Our editorial principles ensure that we stay true to our promise. Our スケルトン 天井 TrustScore is used to appoint unbiased ratings to casinos, games, payment providers and game software providers. Operators have to meet our standards and only after our team has verified all the points within the listing criteria, will they be listed on our site.

786 Casinos Reviews
6 hrs Review Process Per Casino
50+ yrs Combined Industry Experience
40+ Nationalities
10 yrs Reviewing Casinos

松戸 アリーナ データ

We have been shortlisted for many prestigious gambling industry awards over the years and have shared the winners lists with other industry leaders. Most recently we were named as Best Casino Affiliate at the IGB Affiliate Awards in 2022. Have a look at our previous nominations and awards:

Igb affiliate awards logo IGB Affiliate Awards 2023
  • Best Casino Affiliate (Shortlisted)

  • Best Sports Betting Affiliate (Shortlisted)

  • Safer Gambling Initiative (Shortlisted)

  • Employer of the Year (Shortlisted)

Egr logo EGR Power Affiliates Summit 2023
  •  No 3 Power Affiliate Ranking
Igb affiliate awards logo IGB Affiliate Awards 2022
  • Best Casino Affiliate (Won)
  • Best Sports Betting Affiliate (Shortlisted)
Egr logo EGR Power Affiliates Summit 2022
  •  No 4 Power Affiliate Ranking
Egr logo EGR Power Affiliates Summit 2021
  •  No 3 Power Affiliate Ranking
Vixio VIXIO Gambling Compliance Awards 2021
  • Outstanding Contribution to Safer Gambling (Shortlisted)
  • Compliance Innovator or Innovation of the Year (Shortlisted)
Igb affiliate awards logo IGB Affiliate Awards 2021
  • Best Casino Affiliate (Shortlisted)
  • Best Sports Betting Affiliate (Shortlisted)
Egr logo EGR Power Affiliates Summit 2020
  • Power Affiliate Ranking (Shortlisted)
Egr logo EGR Operator Awards 2020
  • Casino Affiliate (Shortlisted)
  • Sports Affiliate (Shortlisted
  • Affiliate of the Year (Shortlisted)
Egr logo EGR Operator Awards 2019
  • Employer of the Year (Shortlisted)

ドラクエ 5 攻略 カジノ

We are always looking for talented individuals who are interested in strengthening our team. If you’re up to working in a fast-paced and flexible working environment.

Current Vacancies


カジノシークレット やばい

We have partnered with hundreds of online casinos and software providers. Here’s what our partners had to say about working with us:

Andreza majela - testimonial
Andreza Majela

Head of Affiliates

Campeon Gaming

スケルトン 天井 carefully selects casinos and provides trusted options for players across different countries and markets in an encompassing and complete site. They are able to cater to the needs of players in a variety of ways and as a result, their traffic is consistently high quality.

Natalia hurina - testimonial
Natalia Hurina

Head of Affiliates

Vulkan Vegas Casino

スケルトン 天井 is one of our favourite partners. They offer a fantastic website combined with top-level account management. A professional and friendly partner that you can always rely on whether you're a player or business partner. Reliable team and great gambling experience - this is what you get.

Dan koleda - testimonial
Dan Koleda

Affiliate Managers Team Lead

22Bet Casino

I am really happy to work with such a supportive and professional team behind スケルトン 天井. You know what you are getting - best service and approach driven by dedication to what they do. The partnership has exceeded our expectations from the beginning. Highly recommended.

Juan Letardo - testimonial
Juan Letardo

Senior Affiliate Manager

Platin Casino

スケルトン 天井 is consistently impressing us with fantastic players, their communications and their proactive approach. Their reputation is among the best in the industry. We highly recommend working with them for a profitable partnership.

ハーデス 朝一 天井

We believe that your safety as a player is our responsibility. We aim to provide our readers with accurate and reliable information, and we only recommend casinos which are licensed and have proven to be trustworthy. We continuously monitor casinos to make sure they uphold our high standards, casinos that fall short are immediately removed from our lists.

In addition, we promote safe gambling in our reviews, guides and articles. Visit our Responsible Gambling page for more information.


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We’re here to listen! We welcome any feedback you may have about スケルトン 天井. Head over to our contact page to connect with us or you can send an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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How do I contact スケルトン 天井?

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