A VIP program is a way for casinos to reward their most loyal customers by giving them more benefits and bonuses than a regular casino player. You can either earn points by playing or you can get an invitation from the VIP account manager of the casino.

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Here you can see a list of what we consider to be our top 5 favorite VIP casino programs:

Ranking Casino Bonus Free Spins
1 Vulkan Vegas Casino Up to $1000 125 FS
2 Leo Vegas Casino Up to $400 No FS
3 888 Casino Up to $1500 30 FS
4 Jackpot Village Casino Up to $500 50 FS
5 Casino Friday Up to $500 200 FS

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Looking out to climb the VIP ladder? Check out these VIP casinos:

Ranking Casino Bonus Free Spins
1 Leo Vegas Casino Up to $400 No FS
2 Vulkan Vegas Casino Up to $1000 125 FS
3 Barz Casino Up to $500 50 FS

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If you can get an invitation to any of the following casinos, you will be in for a treat!

Ranking Casino Bonus Free Spins
1 888 Casino Up to $1500 30 FS
2 Jackpot Village Casino 200% up to $500 50 FS
3 Casino Friday Casino 100% up to $500 200 FS
4 Wheelz 100% up to $300 100 FS
5 Casino.com 100% up to $400 200 FS


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There are at least two different types of VIP Programs out there, Level-up VIP Programs or Invite-Only VIP Programs. Both types of loyalty programs are very beneficial in their own way.

A Level-Up VIP Program is often automated from the day you first deposit and start playing. You would usually be able to follow your VIP progress on your account, to see how far you have come to achieve VIP status and how far off you are from the next VIP status.

When it comes to an Invite-only VIP Program, it is up to the VIP account manager to decide when you are invited to their VIP Program. This often happens after you show some loyalty to the casino.

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research-vip-programsResearch the best options not only on your favorite casino but also on others that have the potential to satisfy your needs and that have high ratings amongst the community.

Usually, the casinos that offer the best VIP programs have large social media communities. There you will be able to see if they work with tier lists, climbing ladders, etc. We recommend for you take a look at them before joining this fun journey. You can check out forums to know more about players' experiences of the VIP programs and you can also check independent reviews by industry experts. By knowing more about the VIP program, you can determine whether it is for you or not before creating an account and depositing.

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create-a-casino-accountOnce you find the perfect program that fits you best, it's time to create an account. In most cases, this procedure is quite simple, you just have to fill in all the blank spaces, verify your ID and legal age and pick your welcome bonus!

On average you will get a minimum of one welcome bonus option and a first-time deposit bonus. Some casinos have different welcome offers depending on your style of playing and as well as your budget. For example, a high roller bonus would typically offer larger bonus funds however the minimum deposit would be higher than that of a normal welcome offer.  In some casinos, upon making your first deposit you already count as a VIP member. There are some casinos that have exclusive programs and you would need an invite from one of the casino's VIP team members to become a VIP player.

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apply-for-vip-programEach casino, has its very own requirements, as mentioned above. Some casinos already consider their new customers, as potential VIP members, and start counting all their wins and losses, deposits and withdrawals to start ranking on their list.

But usually, you will have to apply, on average, this is not a hard step, you just click the button the casino has ready for you to press or send an e-mail to the account they give you and that's it. They will verify you are a regular customer and accept you. It's as easy as it gets. Sometimes requirements may vary but usually, it is quite simple to become a VIP player. As mentioned before, with an exclusive VIP program, you will need an invite to become a VIP player.

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  • An account manager providing you with personalised support and quicker withdrawal approvals.
  • As a VIP Player, you can expect to receive exclusive promotions tailored to your own game activity.
  • You and a plus 1 could be invited to exclusive events ranging from getaway trips to major sporting events.
  • As a VIP player, the minimum deposits required will be of a higher values than regular players.
  • There is no guarantee that you will receive an invite to an exclusive VIP program.
  • The excitement of being a VIP player could cause you to take decisions leading to potential gambling issues.

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As a VIP player, you will receive numerous benefits from the casinos. On top of all the different VIP bonuses, we have listed a few examples of other VIP benefits that come with loyalty programs:

VIP Account Manager

When you become a VIP player, you will have your own personal VIP account manager to assist you with the highest service level and make sure you will have the best VIP experience out there. From your VIP account manager, you can expect professional support, and better bonus deals. You can also expect to get your withdrawals approved straight away. Instead of waiting approximately 12 hours to get your pending withdrawal approved, you can just contact your account manager, and it will be approved on the spot.

Account managers usually work after office hours providing fast and prioritized support which will be very beneficial should you require assistance outside of support working hours. You can contact your account manager via phone, SMS, WhatsApp, or Skype.

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On top of regular VIP bonuses, some casinos offer tailor-made deals for their VIP players only. Some examples can be higher payout limits, potential deposit fees back as an additional cashback, game-specific bonuses, and so on. Often, these bonuses are customized to suit your gameplay. These promotions are usually negotiable which you can discuss with your VIP account manager. In addition to this, some VIP offers could also include lower wagering requirements making them more worth your while than regular offers.

Most casino loyalty programs gift the players a tailored bonus or physical gift to celebrate their birthday. Some casinos even gift rewards just as a thank you to the player for showing loyalty to them.

VIP Events

A VIP event is an experience that is given to you free of charge, as a thank you for being a loyal player at the specific casino. There are different types of VIP events, some examples can be: a weekend trip to a big city for you and a plus one, tickets to a huge sports event in London or an all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas. When becoming a VIP player, there is a possibility that you will be invited to an exclusive VIP event by your VIP account manager. However, these events can also be won as the first prize in a casino tournament.

Customers are usually allowed to invite one extra person to the event without any extra cost. It can either be a partner, family member, or friend. As long as the +1 is of age, depending on the destination.

Faster Payouts

A must, to feel as important as you're supposed to in a V.I.P. casino is having faster payouts. Usually, depending on the casino's terms and conditions, you will get from 2 to 7 labor days to get payouts, but thanks to VIP programs, usually, casinos will offer faster payouts.

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VIP gambling usually features a tier program, in which you will climb a ladder with different levels. On average, you will receive prizes that can include special offers on the land-based version of themselves. When you climb to the top levels you will get prizes that can be redeemed by cash prizes or real money bonuses.

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Depending on the casino VIP program, VIP members will get different but succulent no deposit bonus offers. Opportunities may vary on the type of casino. Some such as sweepstakes and social casinos will offer welcome packages that include free spins, gold coins, and sweeps coins to play in your favorite games, making your casino experience as fun as it can get. Other casinos may offer free spins on a selection of slots and casino games. High matchups, and access to blackjack, poker, and baccarat private rooms making your user experience as a VIP member perfect.

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Whilst being a VIP player entitles you to some great benefits, we can’t not mention certain disadvantages that come with being deemed a loyal player.

High Deposit Limits

Being a VIP player, you are expected to contribute a larger deposit than regular players, most especially if you are opting for a VIP bonus. Whilst the usual minimum deposit would be around €10-20, for a VIP bonus it could easily go up to the 100s.

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If the casino has an exclusive VIP program, there’s no guarantee you’ll get an invite and the time it takes if you do end up receiving one. To get an invite, you would need to deposit frequently and wager it in hopes of attracting the attention of the VIP account manager.

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Being offered attractive benefits and the determination to reach the next VIP status/ level could lead to some players gambling more than they planned. It is important to not let the excitement and the rewards cloud your judgement.


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You are considered a high roller or a VIP player when you are consistent and loyal to the same casino. In other words, it doesn´t only apply to customers that deposit a larger amount of money than the average gamer. You must be someone that consistently plays in the same casino, whether you win or lose, behave to the community terms of service, your casino seniority, games played, etc. Once you are considered VIP customers, that casino will offer you certain casino VIP bonuses that you can only achieve being a high roller. This will give you an advantage and new possibilities, such as playing in private rooms, and exclusive VIP club benefits.

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The main difference between both bonuses is pretty simple. You can obtain your regular casino bonus in many ways, such as signing up for the first time, making a first-time deposit, doing challenges that the casino will publish, etc. Pretty much any new player can enjoy these types of bonuses, while on the other hand, to obtain high-roller VIP casino bonuses you can only obtain them by becoming an avid and regular player of the casino. Once you are considered a VIP player, you'll be offered special deals that you would never have been offered in any other case.

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When it comes to different types of VIP programs, you will usually find two models: Point-based and Tier-based. You can find that they go hand in hand most times, and both have similar perks.

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This one is as simple as it gets. As you purchase, deposit, and earn winnings, you obtain VIP points, which you can usually redeem for cash prizes or bonuses, cash-backs, etc.

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These programs are usually the favorite ones for VIP players since they give you a sense of growth and competition. The scheme consists of starting in the lower levels and climbing to the top (usually starting in bronze and climbing to gold, platinum, etc) by earning loyalty points. These points are obtained (depending on the operator) by making deposits, withdrawals, winning matches, or slot games. You can usually see a lot of these programs in Social and Sweepstakes casinos.

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Often, VIP programs offer a wide range of products. The most common are prizes you can use in casinos, such as free spins bonuses, exclusive tournaments, discounts, or even free guest rooms in the casino's resorts. But if you are climbing the tier ladder, you can find yourself winning cash prizes, cashback, or even top special prizes such as a car, a cruise vacation, and other luxurious options!

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A great way to challenge yourself against other players. Amongst the most popular tournaments, you can find slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette. When you are part of a VIP casino program, it is not strange to get invitations to participate in this style of contest where you can win big cash prizes.

Special Prizes

Special prizes are achieved by gaming as a VIP member. These depend on your style of gaming. For example, if you are an avid slot player, most probably you will earn free spins. If you are more focused on poker, you will most likely be invited to exclusive tournaments or get cashback to cover your losses in case it's needed.

Free Spins Bonuses

When you are a slot high roller, you are most likely to spend all your spare gaming time playing slot machines, in which case, as special VIP treatment, you will be offered free spins bonuses for your loyalty to the casino.

Cash Back

These are more frequently given to table card gamers. When you are an avid poker/blackjack player the house will consider giving cashback options to their most valuable players.

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More and more casinos are developing their own mobile apps, giving more value to their gaming experience. Living in a time where Facebook and Twitter keep everyone hooked on their phones, you have to adapt to the times we are witnessing. All VIP casinos are becoming more reachable to their customers, making the experience a whole. The whole mission is to give loyal customers the same experience they would obtain in the land-based version of itself in the palm of their hand. For regular players, this gives them certain advantages, like keeping all their bonuses up to date and letting them cash out faster.

VIP Casino Games

What's the most important part of playing in a VIP casino? Your experience playing VIP games. When it comes to VIP Casino Games we have to search for the ones that feature higher stake limits or the biggest winning jackpots.

Table games are among the highest limits VIP Games and they can be often found in the platform's menu as a VIP section.

You will find a list of the best casinos that feature top games in our "仙台 スロット イベント"uppersection, take a look if you haven't already!

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VIP players are usually the players who spend a larger amount of money and time on the casinos. Therefore, it is important that you are playing with money you can afford to lose and never chase a lost session at a casino.

Some tips to ensure a safe gambling experience

  • Do thorough research on the casino and its offerings. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually would be the case. Remember to always choose a licensed casino.
  • Stick to your budget and don’t chase losses. If you are having a bad day, the best thing you can do is to walk away.
  • You can even set budget and time limits provided by the casino. Even though you might receive tailored bonuses, make sure that these are in line with your budget and spending limits.
  • If you are ever feeling overwhelmed with the situation, you can opt for a cooling-off period (a 24hr period in which you won’t be able to place any wagers).
  • If the cooling-off period is not enough, you can opt to self-exclude yourself for at least 6 months.
  • Keep yourself updated with programs and organizations that offer support for gamblers who are facing some issues or feel overwhelmed.

For more information, head over to our responsible gambling guide.

VIP KYC Procedure

Regulated casinos are required to implement Know Your Customer (KYC) processes so that underage gambling, fraud, and financial crimes such as money laundering are prevented. Usually, the customer support team will reach out to all players including VIP players, asking for the documents listed below. Some casinos have the option to upload documents from your account.

  • ID Document;
  • Proof of Address;
  • Bank Statement;
  • Source of Wealth (SOW) document (FS3, bank statement, payslip);
  • Source of Funds (SOF) document (FS3, bank statement, payslip).

Players in the UK wishing to become VIP players may be subjected to further checks to establish players' affordability and potential gambling harm risk as well as verify that all KYC documents and other information are up to date.

For more information, head over to our KYC guide.

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If you accepted an invite to an exclusive VIP program and decide that it's not for you, speak to your account manager and ask to be removed from the VIP program. We recommend that you read the VIP program’s T&Cs properly to avoid any unpleasant surprises. As a VIP player, you also need to maintain your status. If you are inactive for a period of time, you may lose your VIP status.

VIP Programs FAQs

Take a look at some of our readers' frequently asked questions below.

What is a VIP Program?

A VIP program is used as a way for the casino to reward its most loyal players. Some casinos opt to have a level-up program in which all players are automatically entered and other casinos opt to have an invite-only program. Due to exclusivity purposes, only those who are contacted by account managers will receive an invite.

How to show loyalty towards a casino?

A loyal customer is a customer who spends more time and money on a casino than a regular player. When a VIP account manager notices that a player seems to enjoy the casino, they will reach out to you by email and make contact.

How to become a VIP player?

The best thing you can do to become a VIP player is to deposit, play and enjoy the casino of your choice. You can follow your VIP progress on your account from a Level-Up VIP Program, where you will see on what level you are at and then know what rewards you can expect from certain levels. In casinos where it is Invite-Only Programs, it is up to the Account Manager to decide when you are invited to the club. Make sure to have at least one communication channel open in your marketing preferences on the casino sites, so you don’t miss out on any VIP invitation to the casino or other exclusive bonuses.

Which casino has the best VIP program?

There are many casinos that hold really good VIP programs. But we can say that 888 casino is trending right now when it comes to High Rollers.

How do I become part of a VIP program?

Typically it is quite simple. Just sign up for the program and start earning points to win prizes.

Can new players become members of the online VIP casino?

It depends on the casino. Some casinos offer you from the get-go to join their VIP program, while in others you have to earn your keep.

How much do high rollers gamble?

High Rollers are considered gamers that are avid and consistently play. You could say, they are the "pros" in the gaming industry

Can I get VIP points by playing any game?

Generally, the casino will let you know which games give you advantages and points to keep you on the right path to benefit you.